Winter Tips

Open the cupboard doors, under sinks, in order to help keep the exposed pipes from freezing.

Place a safe space-heater in your garage, on a very low setting, to keep your garage at least 45 degrees.  Often pipes in garages are not insulated or even exposed.  Place the heater somewhere clear of fabrics, papers, chemicals, etc.  Make sure the heater has a tip safety feature.

Keep exterior faucets in an “open” position so any water can drip out.

Keep interior sinks on a low drip to keep water flowing (less likely to freeze).

Make sure your water shut-off valve is accessible in case a pipe breaks and you need to quickly turn off the water.  If you need help locating it, contact our office.

Do you have a winter emergency kit in case the electricity goes out or you get snowed in?  Click here to be taken to a list of suggested items.

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (503) 649-1000

Disaster Preparations

Hurricane Katrina, Haiti’s Earthquake, Eastern Seaboard is hit with record snow and days without power, in some areas…we should all have a 72-hour emergency kit.

Such a kit should include:
First Aid Kit
Canned Food
Canned Milk
Important Personal Documents

There are more items that we will list here.  Make sure you check out the following links for additional emergency preparation.

American Red Cross

It is also important that our children understand how to react and what to do in case of emergency.  Make a family plan. Together.

Red Cross Coloring Book

Helping Children Understand Natural Disasters


We strive to keep our tenants safe, happy and long-term!